Fashion Rules to Break this Coming 2014

Women’s fashion is full of rules. Don’t match this color with that color. Avoid wearing this accessory with that dress. Only wear this if you’re wearing that…and so on. These rules used to work, but many of them are already outdated and should be ditched. Here are some of those updated style don’ts and how you can actually wear them to boost your fashion sense.




Browse around the World Wide Web and you will still several articles that say you are not supposed to wear navy with black. Perhaps the reason that fashion police in the past made this rule is that navy and black are two colors that have a similar shade, which means when they are worn together, may look mismatched. You can make this combo work, however, and that is by wearing a lighter shade of navy. Contrast is key. The more obvious the contrast between the two colors, the better the combination.




Many fear to wear sequins during the day, and that is because they can be very tricky. However, when worn the right way, they can really help up your style. The secret is to wear your shimmery piece with other pieces that are simpler and laidback. A pair of distressed jeans and white jacket can lend a sequined tank an easygoing appeal that can be perfect for the weekend.




If you have always had a hard time mixing prints, you are not alone. This is one style challenge that is very hard to master, but when done right, the result can be very stylistic. The good news it’s not possible to accomplish. The secret to mixing prints is to simply stick to the same color family. This will result to a more harmonious and balanced look. When it comes to pattern, balance a larger print with a smaller-scale one. Finally, let your clothes do the talking by keeping your accessories to a minimum.




Shapeless outfits can cover up those problem areas, but why settle for something you didn’t want to wear in the first place just to hide unwanted curves if you can wear your favorite dress and still get the same results? Sounds too good to be true, but you can actually do it by choosing styles that skim and flatter your body rather than emphasize areas you are trying to hide.




True, but not if you know how to pick the right piece. The wrong top will really make you look huge, but the right one can help camouflage unwanted areas. The key is to select a body-hugging piece that can help trim the shoulder and tummy areas.




This one is a classic rule that probably dates back to your grandma’s time. You can totally break this rule and still look chic! The secret is to highlight one of the items and mute the other. For instance, if you want to wear your attention-grabbing leopard pumps, choose to wear a bag or purse with a simpler style that won’t clash with your heels.


About the Author: Florence Jones is a blogger about lifestyle and fashion trends. She is currently working as a freelance stylist and writer, contributing her insights about the beauty and fashion industry. Florence recommends a fashion movie online to inspire you only at FashionplusTV.

Young Men’s Guide to Smart Dressing

A lot of young men are too aggressive about looking for that dream job and then find themselves in a dilemma as soon as they realized that they do not know how to dress right for that job interview or during their first day at work. Knowing how to dress right is just one of the many crucial steps of achieving success not just in one’s career but as well as in any other aspects of one’s professional and personal life.

Choosing the right footwear

Dressing up right may start from the ground up.  You need to know how to choose the most appropriate footwear for every outfit and for every occasion. There is even an old saying which says that “You can judge a man by his shoes”. This saying only explains just how crucial it is for one to select the right shoes. Yuppies – brace yourself and be prepared to spend quite a hefty amount for that quality footwear. Remember that your footwear can greatly impact how you walk and how you carry yourself all throughout your moments of interacting and perhaps socializing with many people in the professional world. Therefore, you should invest on well-crafted shoes that will give you the best comfort and the most suitable looks. Start buying some monk strapped or wing-tipped shoes depending on your preference.  You can also choose to have the best pair of loafers that will make you look smart even when you are not in your office uniform.

Dress to look older and matured.

Gone are those days when you’re dressing up to look like the “smartest student” your college or university has. Whenever you are about to decide what clothes to wear you should always keep in mind that you not only have to look good but you also need to look professional and certainly not the young and neophyte guy and risk losing the kind of respect and high regard that your boss, fellow office workers and other people have on you. Your clothes should add a few years to your looks so you can easily win the respect of older people in the world that you are now getting into. It is high time you start donating your baseball caps, cargo pants, and jean shorts to charity and replace your closet with clothes suitable for professional and matured men.

Beware of fashion trends.

While these fashion trends will help you look classy and fashionable, putting most of your hard-earned money on these types of clothing may not be the best idea anymore. Being young and new to the world of “employment” would also mean that you still do not have plenty of money to splurge every month to be able to buy those “in season” pants and polo shirts. But, rather you should start collecting clothes that will give you that classic, decent and professional looks that will never ever go out of season.

Buy at least one good suit.

Whatever type of job you have, you will definitely need one good looking suit sooner or later. If your job requires you to spend more time in the field you may need to have several suits with different colors to wear on a regular basis. This is when you need to buy suits that are neutral in color so you will not have a hard time choosing what clothes or pants to pair it with. But, if your job does not require you to wear suits on a daily basis, you will have to buy one that you can use for special occasions, conferences and any social gatherings that you will be attending every once in a while. It does not have to be branded or something that is too expensive.  Just make sure to choose the kind of suit that has high quality and something that will make you look classy, decent and never out of place in whatever occasion that you will be attending.

The clothes you wear can enormously impact your ability to convince and influence others. Although it does not speak completely about your overall personality but others will mostly look at you and respect you according to your physical looks.  This is why clean, crisp and perfect fitting clothes are a must if you want to start making that mark all the way to success.



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Ryan Rivera loves to write articles that will help people find relief from the stress and anxiety brought about by the rigors of modern living.  You can check out his latest tips and tricks about health and wellness at Calm Clinic Facebook account.

Winter Boots Guide

When the Winter season approaches, alterations are made to our wardrobes. We pack up our sandals, summer dresses, and shorts, making room for sweaters and scarves.

In terms of clothing, it isn’t difficult to keep a fashionable appearance in the Winter. Cashmere sweaters, fitted pants, beautiful scarves all these items are perfect for keeping warm, and looking stylish. However, when it comes to footwear it can be tricky finding the right shoes for Winter. All the flats, and high heels with open feet make for unpractical Winter footwear. Still, one doesn’t want to go to a nice dinner in clunky snow boots. Here we will share some options for you to keep your feet stylish, and avoid freezing your toes.

The Knee High Boot

A flat soled knee high boot is an excellent staple for the Winter wardrobe. This style of boot protects your feet from the snow and rain, and maintains a sleek appearance. The nice aspect of the flat boot is the comfort, and the fact that a heel won’t sink into the snow. A knee high boot offers versatility to be styled in several different ways. The boots can be paired with tucked in jeans, pants, or tights, and can even be worn with bare legs when the warmer months come along. A good example of a knee-high boot to keep as a staple is the Bottega Veneta knee high boots. These boots offer a warm cover for your feet, but add a fashionable touch, that would be lost in clunky snow boots.


The Ankle Boot

Ankle boots have been quite popular the past couple years. The great thing with an ankle boot is it can still protect your feet, but give the appeal a high heel would give in the warmer months. A great option for an ankle boot is a wedge heel. With a wedge heel there is added comfort, as your foot has a flat surface to walk on. A wedge also has the benefit of not sinking in the snow. An ankle boot can also provide several different outfit options. An ankle boot can be worn with pants, or tights. A heeled ankle boot can be worn in a casual dressing, or a more fancy occasion. The ankle boots by Christian Dior are a dressy option for an ankle boot. The wedge heel gives added comfort, and the covered foot allows for a warm sock to be worn underneath. However, the boot is made of suede, so the material must be protected.

The Winter season can be a difficult one, but it doesn’t have to be void of style. These are just two examples of boot styles that are great for Winter, but there are many other options. A great boot can be a statement making piece for your outfit, so enjoy picking out your boots, and embrace Winter.

All items mentioned here can be found on

10 Glamorous Cocktail Dresses to Flatter your Body

Cocktail parties are one of most exciting events of Christmas season that captivates you to plan and purchase for looking trendier. You need to choose most tempting, up-to-date, and most suitable dress as well accessories that will make you look awesome. While doing the shopping specially for cocktail parties and Christmas dinners you need to keep few things in mind such as, colors and hues, dress type, cuts and styles as well as the length of dress that suits you in elegant way. Most glamorous trends of cocktail dresses are:

1.   Silk dresses

Chic and elegant silk material dresses are forever fashionable attires that you can choose for any kind of parties and occasion. But if you have a bulky posture and you choose to wear a shiny silk dress that it might get disastrous. To handle this issue, you need to consider darker shades and sleek fitted designs for the silk dress.

2.   A-line lace dresses

Despite the winter season, laces are highly in fashion these days. You can wear a knee-length black lace dress or vibrant-base shot bustier on glamorous affair of Christmas cocktail party to make a wow effect.

3.   Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are perfect to compose a peer-shaped body into sassy wavy appearance. You can try out wraps in various styles and designs with smooth falling material along with sweetheart neckline.

4.   Velvet attire

Velvet stuff is the charm of upcoming season, as you can find this material all over the dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories. This celebrative season you can find ultimate panache velvet dress that fits your body well and gives you self-confidence to ramp the floor of busting bash.

5.   Sheath outfits

Sheath attire can also be considered to wear on the Christmas parties, friends gathering and blend of both. Sheath designs can make your more stylish and flamboyant in a funky way if you pick bright color brief dress with cool long shoes.

6.   Patterned clothes

Patterns are all time favorite for diverse kind of party and cocktail dresses. This year you can have polka dots, strips, paisley, checks, and floral patterns on your cocktail attire.

7.   Animal prints

Animal skin prints are most wanted elegance of 2013 fashion trend that you can add in your dress for the most awaited party of the year. Skin patterns that are followed vastly are snake, leopard and crocodile skin designs.

8.   Flare-ups

Adorable petite and mid length flare-up dresses can make you more gorgeous to attend the stunning event of Christmas celebrations.

9.   Metallic trend

To wish happy Christmas to your loved sister or friend shimmering metallic attire is one of ideal Christmas gift ideas for her as latest fashion fabrics. Your loved folk will get excited to wear trendy glamorous appearance at the bash.

10.  Maxi dresses

Long maxi dresses can also be availed if you need to cover-up dew to chilled weather of holiday season.

4 Great Tips on How To Dress To Look Younger

When most women want to look younger they immediately think they need different cosmetic products or maybe a trip to the spa. However, looking younger isn’t just about removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Sometimes all you need to take some years off from your appearance is to change up the way you dress. Below you’ll find some great tips on how to make some little adjustments to your fashion that will make you look more youthful.

Stop Dressing Boring

There is nothing wrong with playing it safe when you dress yourself. However, you can get stuck in the boring zone if your fashion style only consists of neutral colors. Playing it safe too often by always wearing neutral colors like brown from head to toe can make you look old.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a lot of neutral colors, but you should add some details to it that’ll make your outfit look more interesting. Start taking some chances with your fashion and add some bold colors and interesting shapes and details to the simple outfits you like wearing.

Holding on To Trends from The Past

Holding on to past trends will definitely hurt your chances of looking more youthful. Often times some women fall in love with a certain look and can’t let go. Even after the look has long reached its expiration date they are still clinging on to it.

In order to start looking younger you may need to let go of some those old fashion styles you love so much and start upgrading. For example, if you have always worn mules now is the time to upgrade to a pair of flats. Also, consider wearing some classic retro pieces in different ways.

When you keep wearing styles the same way they were worn the first time around, it makes you look like you’re stuck in the past. You can always re-freshen classics when you begin wearing them in different ways.

Start looking around for more up to date fashion alternatives to what you are accustomed to wearing. Wearing what’s in style right now is one of the easiest ways to start looking more youthful.

The Silk Scarf

One fashion item you need to stay away from if you want to look younger is the silk scarf. It doesn’t matter how much the silk scarf cost, it’s still a fashion fossil.

These days it’s much more youthful to wear a lightweight knit or ethereal scarf. These scarves can be bought in different prints and colors. Look for geometrics and floral style scarfs as they can take off years easily.

At the end of the day it’s how you wear silk scarfs that will determine how young or old you’ll look. Instead of tying your scarf around your neck and allowing it to drape over your shoulder is the wrong way to wear it if you’re trying to look younger. The more current way to wear silk scarfs is to just roll it up and use it as a headband or tie it to the handle of your purse.

Wear Formfitting Clothes

It doesn’t matter how big or how small you are, nothing makes you look more youthful than formfitting clothing. You look younger when you wear correctly fitting clothes because you’re showing off to everybody that you’ve got a waist, hips, and a bust.

Focus on showing off your figure while hiding the areas that you are not very proud of. A lot of women look older than they want because they get in the habit of wearing manly suits or pajama like slacks that keeps their body hidden. It may be tough to realize that you don’t have your twenty five year old body anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should quit wearing clothes that fits your body properly.

Not Accessorizing Enough

Under-accessorizing when you get dressed is a dead give away that you’re old. It gives the impression that fashion isn’t exciting to you anymore and putting in some additional effort when dressing yourself isn’t a priority.

To look younger you should always try to add finishing touches like a belt, jewelry, or even a scarf. Having a piece of statement jewelry will almost always help you achieve a more modern look.

Don’t just throw on some shoes, a shirt, and a pair of pants and say your outfit is complete. Start adding certain finishing touches before you head out the door so you look younger.

John has more than 20 years experience in the fashion industry. To get more fashion advice visit Gypsy-Dharma.



Style up your image with Navy blazer

Women want to look glamorous and also looking forward to adopt an appealing and formal look. Blazer is the best way through which you can heighten you’re your beauty and it is an effective way through which you can enhance the personality. The navy blue blazer is the fantastic one which can help you stay with the fashion trend and can look up for any fashion emergency. The current trend says that blazer is the best attire that can be worn with jeans and shirt. You need to pair it up with the right piece of clothes and be sure of looking astonishing even in the crowd.

Choose color that suits your navy blazer

The best way through which you can find success in pairing up the navy blazer is that to play on the color wheel. This is the fashion that will work fine in the current scenario and your outfit will not go in harmony. Choose some complimenting colors that can work well along with the colors on same family. When you are having a navy blazer in your closet, then you should think of adopting some ideas through which you can style up your dressing. You can easily keep up the creativity flowing as this might turn out to be the favorite pair.

Go for neutral color shirt

Make use of navy blazer women with white pants as this will never go wrong and you can come up with a fashion statement. Navy blue blazer works best on women when it is matched up with neutral color. The blazer will work well with grey bottom. The grey colored bottom will turn out to be the great piece of outfit in your wardrobe and due to its neutral shade it works well with any colored top. Blazer is a great winter collection that can protect you from chilling cold and so many women prefer to wear them along with jeans.

Prefer to wear khaki color

Khaki works perfectly well with navy blue and it appears to be the universal pair that can easily work together. If you prefer to be more traditional in your appearance, then you can prefer to lay back look which is the right type for you. But, it will certainly not signify that wearing such color combination would actually emit the vintage effect. There is the possibility of playing on top underneath the blazer which can make a style icon. There are many happy colors that can work superb with this and any other printed tops.

Choose perfect accessories

The navy blazer women will also work well when it is combined with gold and silver accessories. It is a fact that accessory plays an important role and without it you will not be able to complete your look. Therefore choose the accessories that perfectly match with your outfit. Happy colors can bring a change to your look and you will appear to be bright and will not feel the outfit to be boring. Shades of red and yellow can turn out to be vibrant with navy blue blazer.

Author Bio: Emma Gibson is a professional writer and she takes the initiative of writing on the fashion and different outfits which is suitable for fashionable and trendy women. The readers will get some fashion ideas through her article.

Styling for the Holidays, Tips and Tricks

The Holiday season is here. Thanksgiving, just passing this weekend, it is mere weeks until Christmas, and then comes New Years. This season is fun, everyone reaching out to see friends and family, that perhaps they missed during the hustle bustle of the year. However, with all these special occasions, the wardrobe side of things can be stressful, and frustrating. After all, there are so many various occasions. There’s the work office party, the children’s christmas choir show, dinner with the in-laws, tacky christmas party sweaters with friends, new years… the list goes on, and on. With so many occasions, it can be hard to keep straight what look is appropriate for which occasion. Unfortunately, one outfit probably won’t cover all the bases.

The Work Christmas Party

This event is a particularly tricky occasion to decide on an outfit. You aren’t working, you are attending a party. However, you don’t want to wear your short slinky New Years dress. The best option for this occasion is to go with something dressy, but the right dose of conservative. This means wearing those gorgeous strappy high heels, but keeping the neckline higher on your dress. Wearing regular work attire is a bit plain for a party. After all,  it’s a time to celebrate, not to finish that last report.  It’s those slight compromises that will keep your attire workplace party appropriate.

Dinner with the In-Laws

Whether having dinner with the in-laws, or your significant other’s parents it can feel a bit stressful. During the holiday season it is often a time where you are catching up with family, whom you may not have seen for some time. This situation always ensues a feeling to impress. You want to show up to the family dinner looking well dressed, but nothing too fancy. This is the occasion where you can leave the high strappy heels at home. In this scenario, it’s best to opt for something dressy, but comfortable. Perhaps choosing a nice blouse, paired with trousers, or even a dressy legging. The last thing one wants when socializing with company, is to be fidgeting with the straps falling on their dress. You will make a better impression in your comfortable state.

The Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

The tacky christmas sweater party is an occasion where the tackier your style, the better. In this case you don’t want to show up in your beautiful new sweater. Find that sweater in your Mum’s closet with the giant reindeer on the front. Wear that reindeer proud, and maybe add some bows to your hair. The worst thing one can do for a Christmas sweater party, is to spend great amounts of money, and take it too seriously. The point of this occasion is to have fun and be silly.

The New Years Party

This is the party where you can go all out. After all, you want to welcome in a New Year in a fabulous way, to bring a fabulous year to come. This the occasion where your sequins, and metallics in the wardrobe are an excellent choice. There is something about New Years and sparkly attire, that just fits well together. In terms of footwear you will keep it dressy, maybe heels, or a nice boot. However, with the party going well into the next morning a spare pair of flats in your purse will be a life saver!

Hope these suggestions help this holiday season. Enjoy all the holidays have to offer, and look fabulous doing so!


About the Author:

Mackenzie Shand, is a marketing coordinator for


To not take care of your birthday suit would surely amount to crime. We are talking about the skin care here which, if not done religiously, can lead to skin diseases and you looking ugly (which, of course, you don’t want). When our skin does the most important task of protecting our inner body, can’t we in turn protect our skin a little? The basic skin care routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing is passé as the problems we encounter now are much more complex and need immediate attention before they get out of hand.

One of these problems is that of stretch marks which keep cropping up at any place they desire and we don’t desire. They can occur due to various reasons like pregnancy, weight loss, hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, heredity, etc. To tackle them, nobody can do a better job than CX Stretch Mark Cream by Clinique. Just like all Clinique beauty products, this stretch marks cream also keeps its promise of firming and smoothing the skin. Thanks to its unique formula, the skin’s collagen production gets stimulated and stretch marks are visibly reduced by increasing skin elasticity. It is suitable for all skin types and keeps the skin in good texture and stretch marks free.

To soak your body in the comfort of an intensely moisturizing cream, try Deep Comfort Body Butter by Clinique. Even if your skin is in perfect shape and your skin care routine is up to the mark, there are some patches that are prone to dryness like elbows, knees and heels. This body butter will deeply nourish, heal and soothe these patches and overall skin. This skin care product keeps working all day to give you exceptional freshness and comfort to your skin.

To complete your facial skin care routine, SISLEY Botanical Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar is an all-time favorite. As the name suggests, the bar is soapless, that means your skin will not bear any harshness caused by a soapy bathing bar. As it consists of a non-alkaline formula to give you clear skin, it is suitable for all skin types and cleans the face gently by eliminating excess sebum. A flawless skin is an indispensablecriterion of beauty. Without a beautiful skin, stylish clothes, expensive makeup products and cosmetics and lovely hair have no meaning. When one has a glowing skin, she can carry off anything and everything with panache.




3 Alternate Methods of Maintaining Personal Hygiene

As the saying goes, cleanliness is close to godliness. Personal hygiene not only affects how you look, but also how you feel, both in terms of health and self-confidence. There’s more than one way to paint a fence. Let’s take a look at some alternate, more minimalist methods of maintaining your personal hygiene.

1. Shaving with Cold Water

The one thing any veteran shaver will tell you is to shave after a hot shower. The steam and hot water open up your pores, making it easier for shaving accessories to work their way into and around your manly beard. Most importantly, hot water significantly softens the beard for a more comfortable shave.

But what if you don’t have hot water handy? Soldiers on the frontline, who don’t always get the chance to take a proper shower for months at a time, are still expected to get in a clean shave as a means of preserving discipline and uniformity, and they do it with cold water.

Using cold water to shave seems harsh, but it actually presents a lot of benefits. You don’t have to wait for your water to heat up, allowing you to save time when you’re running late. Cold water reportedly gives you a better shave as it makes your beard stiffen and stand up, allowing the razor to get at each whisker with a single pass. A cold water shave also means you can groom your face even without the convenience of a water heater.

2. Bathing with Cold Water

A hot shower is one of the most comforting feelings in the world. As you stand in the water, you can feel all your day’s worries and anxieties wash from your body and flush down the drain. However, as comforting as a hot water shower is, it’s actually not as great for you as you think. Hot water dries out your skin and hair, stripping both of their natural oils. Then there’s the matter of utility bills.

Cold-water showers, on the other hand, are packed with all kinds of health benefits. They are shown to boost metabolism, improve mood by increasing noradreanline secretion, and strengthen your immune system and circulation. Bathing in cold water also keeps your skin and hair looking healthy.

Granted, taking a cold shower right off the bat isn’t particularly enticing if you’re used to hot, steamy showers. In fact, the shock of a cold shower can actually cause you to pass out. To ease into the habit, take a James Bond shower: start out with hot or warm water, soap up, and end the last few minutes of your shower with cold. Why choose between hot and cold when you can get the best of both worlds?

3. Quit shampoo

Your hair develops a lot of dirt and grease throughout the day, forcing you to lather on the shampoo and conditioner to get your hair looking and smelling nice. Unfortunately, shampoo isn’t as beneficial as you think it is. Many contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent that actually irritates your hair and scalp. The only reason you even need conditioner is because shampoo strips your hair of essential oils.

While switching to shampoos containing all-natural ingredients is a big help, some people have gone the extra step and ditched shampoo altogether, with some varied results. As using shampoo for so long has dried out your scalp, ditching the shampoo will force your scalp to compensate by overproducing oils, which can lead to a greasy look for the first couple weeks. This should eventually taper off, leaving you with soft, clean hair that has a natural balance of oils. Remember, however, that everyone has a unique scalp composition, so washing your hair with only water may not always work out.

These alternate methods may work wonders for you, so if you’re curious, try them out. Good luck, and stay clean.

What’s the Deal with “Business Casual?”


The term “business casual” is one of confusion. Open to interpretation, one must walk a very fine line when attempting to adhere to business casual standards without falling too far into the casual zone.

So what makes up this term these days? As we’ve seen, business attire trends ebb and flow over the years, from suit and tie being standard wear for those taking to the friendly skies to casual Fridays and the opportunity to work from home in your pajamas. But what do today’s standards look like and how do you crack the code for your particular company?

If you’re not sure, ask.

If your company doesn’t outline the dress code in their handbook or you have a particular question, don’t hesitate to ask. Checking first shows a level of consideration and forward-thinking. Dressing first and asking questions later can put you in ill-favor and in some companies even get you written up on a first offense. So before you don those flip-flops or put on that baseball cap, ask your human resources department or your supervisor exactly what is considered appropriate.

Consider your company.

Is your company customer facing? Do you have meetings with outside partners or clients on-site often? Are you a start-up company or a large corporation? What do your supervisors and coworkers wear? Chances are that if you are open to the public or have many outside parties dropping by, you’ll want to kick your wardrobe up a notch and go with something closer to a business suit paired with Rockport shoes and a snappy tie. But if you’re strictly a remote, B2B type of operation then you may be able to get away with a bit more of your weekend wear.

Beware of offensive material.

Just because your company allows jeans and t-shirts doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy with you coming into the office in a shirt with a questionable slogan, dirty tennis shoes, or shorts with a negligible inseam. Err on the side of caution and try to remain neutral in your appearance. After all, the term “dress for the job you want” wasn’t created out of thin air. The way you carry yourself and the message you purposefully—or inadvertently—deliver can say a lot about the work you do, whether you want it to or not. A good rule of thumb is to keep your political and religious beliefs at home. If it’s a hot topic outside of the office, chances are it has the possibility of creating tension inside of office doors as well.

Business casual means different things to different people. Casual can span a wide array of clothing items, from worn jeans to pantsuits and everything in between. Take your industry, business operations, and company culture to heart when planning your attire. And most importantly, if you don’t know—ask. Taking that extra step can reach well beyond the boundaries of your work attire and affect your potential to be considered upper-management material. These days, the definitions in the workplace are highly varied and very open to subjective opinion, so keep your eyes and ears open, and your wardrobe flexible.



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